About Us

Director: Kevin McVey, a Certified Biometric Professional (IEEE)

On numerous occasions, I led multi-organizational teams within a specific Defense Department Agency to solve end-to-end identity related big-data and processing challenges with benefits across the U.S. Government. Tasks included conceptualizing the ideas; socializing them through other thought and vision leaders; developing and implementing enterprise-wide systems incorporating many different forms of identity data to create unique linkages across disparate types of records while maintaining full compliance with complex legal and policy requirements; and satisfying usability and user training issues. Successes are allowing the US Government to continue to positively identify and take appropriate action on terrorists.

I was a key developer in piloting a new facial recognition system with a large law enforcement organization that entailed enrolling over 3 million photos, which led to the identity of previously unknown individuals who have committed felonies.

I oversaw the development and roll-out of an official course on face identification and analysis. I was the Lead Instructor responsible for teaching analysts and our partners on how to systematically compare multiple faces, as well as developing a faculty to instruct this course. I was a regular speaker at various conferences, to include the SIGINT Development Conference, the Countering Improvised Explosives Conference, the U.S. Government’s Face Collaboration Workshops, the U.S. Government’s Video Exploitation Workshops, the National Counter-terrorism Biometric Working Group, and the U.K. Government’s Biometric Working Group

I interacted with U.S. and  Allied intelligence and security services and provided them with the technologies, analytic techniques, and data to assist in solving their challenges.